Scratch Off Map by Landmass

Scratch Off Map by Landmass

Photo Credit: Tim Gendron

If you ever come to my house you will see a Scratch Off Map hanging on my wall.  It is probably one of my favorite ways to record The Adventure Travel List of the Bucket List Project. To me, a scratch off map is an ideal gift for people who love to travel and explore the world. It is a symbol of your past travels, all while reminding you that there are still many more exotic places, languages, cultures, foods, and people to explore.

One of the best scratch off maps we have found is by Landmass.

Scratch Off Maps by Landmass easily showcase past travels, but can remind you there are many more exotic places, cultures, & foods to explore. #Scratchoffmap #Scratchoffworldmap #landmassMaps Click To Tweet

The Packaging

Photo Credit: Tim Gendron

Landmass puts a lot of love not only into their scratch off map but also into the packaging. When your map arrives, it comes in a cool triangular box. There is so much detail on the box itself –  you will even marvel at the side littered with flags from around the world. Landmass added other fun elements to entertain you like a small airplane tab that “flies” around the box to open it.

Once you open the package you will find a solid protective tube holding your scratch off map wrapped in tissue paper. As you remove the tissue look for the instructions on how to properly flatten your new scratch off map. From there, prepare for fun!

Features of the Scratch Off Map from Landmass

Photo Credit: Tim Gendron

One of the major reasons we love the scratch off map from Landmass is that it comes with several great features you can’t get elsewhere. Their scratch off maps are a perfect size (17″x 24″) and can easily be centered in an 18″ x 24″ frame if you decide to frame it. Not to mention, Landmass offers several different styles of scratch off maps with different backgrounds and/or scratch off material.

Fair Warning: Displaying a Scratch Off Map by Landmass may result in interesting conversations with visitors to your home about your past travel and future adventures!

Of course your scratch off world map is covered in gold foil, much like a scratch off lotto ticket. But what we loved is that underneath the gold foil are vibrant colors to showcase the places you have visited.

Photo Credit: Tim Gendron

At the bottom of the scratch off map, you will find another great interactive piece. Here, 210 flags of the world wait to be scratched off as well.

Another unique feature of the scratch off map offered by Landmass are the state outlines for Australia, Canada and the USA. This will allow you to scratch off which states you’ve been to in these countries instead of scratching off the entire region.

Ease of Use

Photo Credit: Tim Gendron

When it comes to actually using your scratch off map from Landmass, you will be happily surprised how easy it is to show off your travels. After, opening it, simply follow the instructions on how to unroll your map carefully and flatten it. Then grab a coin, guitar pick, chopstick, or whatever your tool of choice and gently remove the gold foil over the countries or states that you’ve visited.

The only challenge you may have with the scratch off map are deciding whether to scratch off a whole country or just the city you visited. Also, Landmass shares that the maps are sensitive to heat treatments that many professional framers use for matting. So stay away from getting it matted with heat pressing.

Fair Warning: Using a Scratch Off Map by Landmass may result in horrible wanderlust and sudden planning of your next travel adventure in the far corners of the world!

About Landmass

Landmass is a US based company that makes their scratch off world maps in Austin, Texas. Personally, I love their mission about encouraging more people to experience the world. They are so serious about this mission that they’ve even partnered with National Geographic and the Fund for Education abroad.  With each sale of a scratch off map they donate 10% of all profits to help fund study abroad grants.

It is evident that Landmass loves what they do and stands by the quality of their maps. This can be seen in their 100% money back guarantee.  Just send it back to them un-scratched and they will happily refund your purchase.

Scratch Off Maps by Landmass are amazing ways to showcase past travel adventures but may cause severe wanderlust! #wanderlust #scratchoffmap #Scratchoffworldmap #LandmassMaps Click To Tweet

Where to Get Your Scratch Off Map

With birthdays, holidays, or your anniversary around the corner, you may need to get a Scratch Off Map from Landmass now. Not to mention the scratch off maps normally sell for $45, but they are on Sale now for $29.99. So If you’d like to learn more about the Scratch Off Map or other great Landmass products, you can click here or the banner below.

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46 thoughts on “Scratch Off Map by Landmass

  1. I have it 🙂 A friend of mine, who told I never come to visit him in a remote region just cleared my map there. Told that now I have to, otherwise the map would lie. Have to travel to Kazakhstan now…

  2. I had bought a scratch off map few years ago but I wasn’t very happy with the quality. Scratching wasn’t easy and the paper itself would be left with scratch marks after removing the cover which was not good. Hopefully this one is better quality than that!

  3. I really need this.. Wonder if they deliver to Romania. I admit, the only thing that I found difficult was that I didn’t know whether I could scratch out only cities.. Glad to see this is possible 😁😁 great review!

  4. Wow, the whole concept of scratch off map sounds fun and interesting. I never thought of using a map to keep track of travels. This definitely is a great gift for travel lovers, thanks for the share!

  5. Nice map. I’m thinking about buying one, but I think we have to scratch it dated to when we have our son. It’s not fair for him if we scratched countries we’ve visited before he was born. So, it will be our family scratch off map. Thank you for the idea!

  6. I love these maps! I don’t actually have one myself but they look super cool! And I think they would make such a great gift for a traveller or travel lover. And as you scratch off one place, you realise just how little you’ve seen of the world ha ha!

  7. I have one of these at home and my husband and I love to use it! We’re a bit obsessed, as we even have a map you can put pins in. This is a great gift for anyone who loves to travel, or even yourself. Happy scratching!

  8. Looks like something that would make a great present for any traveller. It would be fun to see the evolution of our travels as the map gets scratched off.

  9. Wow man this gift is totally cool! I’ve never thought of buying a scratch map but now I want to have one. I think it helps me keep track of how many places I’ve been!

  10. We got my dad one of these a few years ago, it took him hours to scratch off all the places he’d been — he’s an avid traveller. But by the time he’d finished, there was a lot less gold and a lot more colour. Such a cool gift!

  11. I’ve been eyeing scratch-off maps like this for ages.. It’s such a pretty cool item to have for recording your travels! Good to know you can just scratch off cities as it is more easier than visiting an entire country immediately. Great review! 🙂

  12. We have ours in my office, and it does look wonderful. I never thought to scratch away only the city in stead than a whole country, but that’s clever!

  13. I had no idea that the map was covered in gold foil and that the countries you scratch off show in colors. Such interesting design choices! I like the size too and would love to frame one. Trouble is if you keep traveling! Definitely thinking about getting one of these, especially after hearing about their mission.

  14. I love maps. This looks like a lot of fun. You need to have certain rules when claiming countries like you have to leave the airport and maybe, for a purist, stay overnight. Every time I see somebody’s travel map colored in, I realize that the largest seven countries make up 33% of the world’s land mass. Of course, going the other way, if you are marking off countries, travelling through smaller European countries will greatly increase you countries visited list.

  15. I’ve wanted me be of these for AGES! But we live in a tiny apartment and we don’t really have anywhere to put it… Yet. I love that they allow you to scratch off states in some countries. #theweeklypostcard

  16. My friend at work actually bought me one of these maps for my secret Santa present at Christmas. It’s a different brand to this one, but looks pretty much the same 🙂 I haven’t scratched off anything yet, I’m waiting until I have a big frame and board to do it on haha! x

  17. I have another version of the scratch of map and I love it. Mine is in my office so when I need a distraction, I can just look up. It is definitely a fun activity on a lazy weekend.

  18. I love this scratch map! I also love the warning: may result in interesting conversations with visitors to your home. Haha! So true, I can imagine! I’d love to get one of these maps and begin scratching away!

  19. I think the scratch-off landmass map is a perfect gift for us as well as our traveler friends. I liked their triangular packing as well the vibrant colors which come out after scratching the visited countries. You are so right it will be a good topic of discussion, with the visitors too.

  20. This map is awesome!!!! I have seen it everywhere lately. What a great idea! We have our own version of the map of the world at home. It is a funny one, because it dates back to 1841 (with Americas in the middle). We stick pins in ours.. I think, I will get the scratch-off map too!! Thanks for the post!

  21. This is so cool! I have a scratch map from forever ago, but it doesn’t have the flag option at the bottom! This is extra-cool because of that! Great review.

  22. Such a cool map! Scratch off map is a cool way to keep track of travels by scratching the visited countries. Well, definitely a great gift for travel lovers. And really a must have. Thanks for sharing!

  23. Great idea for us visual folks. You can see where you’ve been and where you want to go on the planet all at once. That they contribute 10% for grants is very cool.

  24. I’ve always wanted a scratch-off map. I feel like it could be a good addition to my travel souvenirs. I like that the map of Landmass has scratchable flags on the bottom of the world map.

  25. As I’ve seen more people posting about these maps on social media, I’ve gotten more and more intrigued. I didn’t realize, though, about the donations to Study Abroad scholarships, or the scratch-off flags! Lots to love…

  26. Great gift idea — for myself! 🙂 The scratch-off map sounds like a really quality product, too. And thanks for the warnings — I’ll be prepared for interesting conversations with visitors” and “horrible wanderlust”.

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