I have created a Monster!!

I have created a Monster!!

(Originally  published on 09/17/13)

Those of you who have recently had a chance to talk to me in person, know how much I LOVE talking about my Bucket List Project!  It has been a motivating factor in my life for the past year in improving my Mind, Body, & Soul!  But it has brought about a great Side Effect….Inspiration to Others!  There is nothing cooler than getting an email, text, or Facebook message from someone declaring that they have either started working on their own Personal Bucket List or even Better Completed an Item on their list that they have been pushing off for many years!

One of the coolest things to hear is the unusual things on Someone’s Bucket List that is Extremely Important to them!  See, it is very very easy to put “Losing Weight” or some sort of Travel on your Bucket List.  I mean think about it.  When you were 5 years old, you never dreamed really about travelling.  You dreamt of some experience or adventure that would lead to a personal greatness.

If you really take some time to sit down and think about all the things you want to do, experience, and see in your life, then you will discover that you have some very creative and obtainable dreams!

Below, I have listed some of the coolest Bucket List Items that have been recently shared with me.  A couple have even been Completed!

What Cool Thing Inspires You?  Write it Down & then Develop a Plan to Do it!

* Catherine F: “I know 2 things that would go on it……watching boxing match ring side and going to a roller derby.”

* Danielle H:   “choreographing a Musical!”  COMPLETED!!

* Amy L: “Take a Glass Blowing Class!”

* Kristy W.D.:  “Travel to Ireland to Have a Proper Pint at the Guiness Brewery…& Drive Down a Country Road while Getting Blocked by a Herd of Wandering Sheep!”

steve krobert skydiving
Steve Krobert skydiving

* Steve K: Go Sky Diving for my Birthday!  COMPLETED (Jan 18, 2015)

* Margaret W. R.: “when I’m a senior – join a seniors dance troupe and perform at a sporting event and not be embarrassed”

* Craig T: “Get over my fears of snakes by going rattlesnake hunting!”

* Cathy W.: “getting my haircut in London after high school with jet black dye and neon blue tips – Punk Rock Style!”

* Jon A.: “Go to Matador School & wear the cape!”

*Mike P.: “Meet the Dalai Lama”

*Wade T.: “I’ve also wanted to go to one of the many balls in Vienna ”

* Nicole T: “splash in the Fairhope Fountain! I’ve always wanted to, and there’s no time like the present 🙂 Ice cream at my house after 🙂 Bring a towel. No worries if you can’t make it–I’ll be jumping anyway!” COMPLETED!!

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