The Ultimate Festival Checklist

The Ultimate Festival Checklist

It may not be festival season just yet, but it’s still worth thinking about all the things you need ready for when the next season rolls around. Before you know it, it will be here! So, it’s a good idea to spend the next few months taking your time to ensure that you have everything you need ready for your next big music festival. Here’s a checklist to help you get organized.

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First things first – you need your festival tickets. Otherwise, there is no way you are getting into all the concerts and parties! Even though you might think that festival season is a long way off, you will need to get your tickets now before they sell out. Most festivals will be on sale now and will usually sell out a couple of months before the big day, so get yourself sorted with your tickets as soon as possible!

A Tent

Part of the fun of a festival is the camping. You’ll be able to get appropriate tents and camp gear from your local camping shop, but there are also plenty of websites that sell these things as well. Make sure you get a waterproof tent, as you don’t want to wake up in a puddle of water! You should also ensure that the one you buy is big enough for whole group. Otherwise, things could get quite cramped during the night!

Camping Equipment

As well as a tent, you will need plenty of camping gear. This includes things like a camping stove, sleeping bags, and flashlights. Of course, the more camping gear you get, the more comfortable your time at the festival will be. But that could work out quite expensive, though…

Appropriate Clothing

You can never really tell what the weather is going to be like over a festival weekend. Even if you see a forecast before you leave, there is a chance that it might not ring true. And, as you won’t be able to get a hotel room if it does turn out to rain, you need to be very prepared to camp in whatever weather the weekend brings. So always make sure you pack some appropriate clothing. That means, pack plenty of waterproofs even if there is good weather forecast – you can never know what the weather is going to get up to!

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Tent Finder

If you have been to a festival before, you will know that there are going to be hundreds of tents in the same field. In some cases, there will be thousands. After a day of watching live concerts and enjoying yourself, it could be very difficult finding your way back to your own tent. Especially if you have enjoyed a few beers! So, you might want to invest in a tent finder. You attach the sensor to your tent and then connect it to your phone via Bluetooth. It’s then easy to track your tent on your phone!

Stick to this checklist and you’ll have a smashing time at your next festival!

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41 thoughts on “The Ultimate Festival Checklist

  1. As a frequent festival go-er I love the tent finder – That would come in soo handy. I am notorious for losing where I put my tent, especially after a few (well let’s not kid anyone, I mean a lot of beers and spirits) I only find my tent if I’m anybody sober enough to remember where we pitched it.

  2. Tent finder! Amazing idea!!! I’ll pass this on to my friends who are festival goers…though in this country we are more in need of fair weather forecasters – that bit about appropriate weather clothing is particularly pertinent here in the UK

  3. I haven’t been to a festival in awhile. Tent Finder sounds cool and handy if you decide to have a little too much fun! Plus I get lost easily!

  4. I never knew a tent finder was a thing. It makes sense. We always just took pictures in case we partied too hard to remember… anything. We have a couple more things to add to the list:
    booty wipes: because runner water isn’t always easy to find.
    barter goods: from smores to liquor to what ever, exchanging gifts is a great way to make friends and isn’t that what festivals are all about.

    Personal notes, we realized that we might be getting old when when we coveted exchanging our tent for and RV so we could have our own bathroom and shower (Jenn showered we me in the men’s shower at Interlocken because the lines at the women’s showers were insane).

  5. i’ve never been traveling for any particular festival, not the kind of festival goer in any such.. but if i could get a chance to go to a festival, i’d totally love to attend coachella and the idea of staying in a tent for a festival though, it’d be an adventurous experience for someone like me! 😀

  6. It’s been a couple years since I have been to an overnight festival. Living in the UK – there are tons to choose from. I tend to do the Pink Moon Camping. Rock up, tent already there, access to showers and a toilet – yea please. 🙂

  7. An interesting and very helpful list! I’ve never been for these kind of festivals and they’re not really my thing, I don’t think I can handle the crowds haha. But should I ever plan to attend one, I’m sure this list will come in handy and I’ll refer to it , thanks for sharing !

  8. I’m a huge festival fan and totally agree with everything you have on your list. Even though I’m more a glamper than camper, I really enjoy the whole festival outdoors experience, tents and all ha! Onto 2018!

  9. We were at Isle of MTV in Malta this year and it was awesome! We’ll definitely check out a few of the festivals where you have to camp there for next year so great tips!

  10. I haven’t been to a festival before but I’d really like to attend Tomorrowland before I get too old for it… although I guess I arguably am already, haha. Camping is always fun though!

  11. I have never gone to a big music festival. Especially one that I could camp at. It would be cool to go to one. Not sure I would want to camp though unless I had a group of friends.

  12. I’ve never been to this kind of festival but would love to. I hadn’t even considered some of the issues, like finding my tent, genuinely wouldn’t have thought of that or that there are bluetooth finders!

  13. Great list, we used to go to a weekend festival or two every year back home before we set off travelling full time. Absolutely love it but you have to bring the right stuff and prepare!!

  14. Right on! It’s never too early to start preparing for festival season. In my younger daysd I was happy just crashing out whenever I landed at the end of the night. But in my older days I am only headed to a festival if I am well prepared which means spacious tent, comfortable air mattress and bedding, and plenty of good food! I love the tent finder – never even heard of that little device before. Though I would be a bit nervous about my phone dying before the end of the night.

  15. Ok, this is a first. A checklist for festivals, I never really thought about that. It’s all great tips. Pretty straightforward but I really love the tent finder. We’ve all been there, one to many beers and you end up in the wrong tent…humph, although that might not be such a bad thing… lol

  16. I have actually never been to any festival. I really should go to one sometime. I just cant decide which one to go to. Tent Finder does indeed sound cool, though it could be used for other purposes I am sure (spying on partners etc…)

  17. This is a great ready reckoner for getting all ready and geared up for the festival season. I must confess I have never been to this kind of a music festival where you can pitch in your tent and lose yourself in music. Hope to attend one next year. So this post is doubly useful for me.

  18. I’ve actually never been to any kind of festival where you have to camp out and stay overnight but I know my kids want to. I should definitely send this to them! And I agree with you about bringing waterproof items despite what the forecast says!! Better to be safe than sorry… or wet 😉

  19. Music festival is one of my favorite festivals. Love the idea of tent finder. Great post. Enjoyed reading this. 🙂

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