Running with the Bulls

Running with the Bulls

Running with the Bulls in pamplona

As I embark as a pilgrim on the famous Camino de Santiago, I have the privilege of returning to Pamplona, Spain.

3 years ago, on July 13, 2013, I came to Pamplona for the Festival de San Fermin & to Complete Bucket List Item #13 Running of the Bulls.

It was a great adventure filled with 1st time experiences like going to Spain, meeting people from Australia & New Zealand, Running of the Bulls, travelling Solo, and many others.

 Though this time I walk through Pamplona for different reasons, there is still an energy of those celebrating the festival de San Fermin (which is running July 6 to July 14).  So below, is a simple photo journal of several of my personal experiences in Pamplona.  If you ever have a chance to experience this festival, I hope that you go!  It was truly a remarkable time filled with adventure!

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11 thoughts on “Running with the Bulls

  1. I had never heard of running with the bulls until I met my partner from Australia who had done it and now has a tattoo on his leg about it! It must have been scary for him and it’s weird that as an European, I had no idea such a festival existed. Looks like it’s mainly Aussies that go there anyway. Awesome photos you’ve got too! Thanks for sharing! And good luck on your pilgrimage!

  2. It’s always so nice to return to a place where you’ve had a great travel experience – I’ve never been to Pamplona but it’s HIGH on my list. Thanks for sharing Eric.

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