Pop Rocks and Coke – A Bucket List Food Challenge

Pop Rocks and Coke – A Bucket List Food Challenge

There are many unique items on my Adventure Activities & Experiences List that are included for miscellaneous reasons, but one of my favorite items is #130) Eat weird things. Perhaps this is because I like to see the other people’s reactions when I tell them I just ate something totally weird like a Scorpion on a Stick. Also, I think I love it because it pushes me out of my comfort zone to experience unique foods of a different culture. However, of all the weird things on the list, probably the one that excited me the most is from the good old USA, #18) Eating Pop Rocks and Drinking Coke and trying not to Explode!

The Urban Legend

Pop Rocks is one of those classic candies that every child seems to love. However, around 1977, the candy suffered a horrible fate and was withdrawn from the market due to rumors of the candy causing kids stomachs to explode.

This fear was further enhanced by a horrible rumor that the child who played Mikey in the Life cereal commercials had died when he mixed Pop Rocks and Coke. This urban legend was further exacerbated because the actor, John Gilchrist, seemed to disappear from the limelight.

However, this urban legend is false as John Gilchrist is still alive today.

Pop Rocks and Coke – A Bucket List Food Challenge

Now even though the urban legend is false, I still wanted to attempt the challenge. Therefore, I obtained several packets of different Pop Rocks flavors and a six pack of coke along with some unsuspecting friends to attempt Pop Rocks and Coke – A Bucket List Food Challenge.


The Results

Well we didn’t explode! However, we did have fun as the Pop Rocks fizzled in our mouths and burps pursued for quite awhile afterward. There was even a bit of coke out the nose. But the overall side effect of Pop Rocks and Coke was fun and laughter.

Would you take the Pop Rocks and Coke – A Bucket List Food Challenge? Is there some weird food that you want to eat? Comment below and let me know what is on your Bucket List Food list.

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25 thoughts on “Pop Rocks and Coke – A Bucket List Food Challenge

  1. Hahaha I loved this! I was pretty certain you hadn’t exploded though, seeing as you were able to write the post and all 😂
    Can’t wait to see more features like this!

  2. Wouldn’t that hurt? I mean pop rocks and coke? OMG. It would seem like I would be propelled to the ceiling with that combination! I will ask my sons to try it. Haha.

  3. I have totally heard the rumor. It’s obvious now it’s probably a generational thing. Anyways, totally pinning this in my Pinterest board learn something kids. This would be a great Science Experiment for the Science Fair this school year.

  4. Haha so happy to see that you guys didn’t explode! I can’t say that I would take this challenge, because I never did like Pop Rocks, and I don’t drink soda. But I’m pretty open to trying to new foods, although the scorpion on a stick might take me a few tries!

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