Here’s Why You Should Add Peru To Your Bucket List

Here’s Why You Should Add Peru To Your Bucket List

Peru is famous for many things; the birthplace of Paddington Bear, the adventures of Indiana Jones, and, stepping out of the world of fiction for a moment, the home of the Incas. It’s also a vast landscape of incredible things to see and do all steeped in a rich and vibrant culture. You may have noticed Peru on our adventure travel list, so if you are planning on visiting this incredible country, there are a few things we think you should add to your bucket list. Here are just some of them.

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1. Explore ancient ruins.

We can’t talk about Peru without mentioning Machu Picchu, but you should click here to find out how you can safely explore the ancient Incan ruins without getting lost. It’s a long walk, but there are alternatives, such as riding on the back of a horse. Who knows, you may actually stumble across long lost riches!

2. Paddle across the Amazon.

If wildlife is your thing, there is no better place to visit than the Amazon itself. Jaguars and ocelots roam the jungle, and all manner of sea life lurk below the water, piranha included. Still, provided you don’t dip your feet into the water, you will be able to soak in the atmosphere of the sights and sounds of the Amazon as you take a riverboat journey.

3. Enjoy a Nibble.

Part of travelling is getting to enjoy the delicacies on offer. Admittedly, some of the culinary delights are for the brave only – roasted guinea pig anyone? – but there are other tasty dishes on offer which don’t involve cooked up portions of the furry pets you have at home.

4. Fly with the condors.

Okay, so you won’t actually fly, but if you traverse up to the Cruz del Condor viewpoint atop the Colca canyon, you will find an excellent spot to watch these magnificent birds glide and dive as they fly down to meet you before heading back into the clouds. Of course, you could also choose this spot to hang-glide and soar like a condor yourself, flying over one of the world’s deepest canyons.

5. Buggy over the sand dunes.

Should you head to the oasis of Huacachina, you will find a desert paradise which is often populated by local thrill seekers. Sand buggying and sandboarding are two of the popular activities for those who want to pump adrenaline, but you can simply walk, or relax on the tip of a sand dune, and catch the site of one of the beautiful sunsets at the day’s close.

6. Get thee to a nunnery.

Visit the Santa Catalina Monastery, which is a labyrinthine nunnery first built in 1579. There are still nuns around today, so you need to be respectful, but there is much to explore within the brightly colored cloisters of this religious sanctuary. Be careful: it is possible to get lost, so be sure to follow the signs as you walk around the 20,000 square meters of the monastery grounds.

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We don’t have the room to mention every sight in Peru, but there are plenty of tour guides and resources online to help you. At the very least, know this. We have only given you a taste of the country, but the beautiful landscapes alone are reason enough to visit. Be sure to send us a postcard.

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30 thoughts on “Here’s Why You Should Add Peru To Your Bucket List

  1. I’ve never been to Peru but my husband has and so I’m itching to go. I’d love to explore the ruins of Macchu Picchu and paddle up the Amazon.

  2. Peru in general (and Machu Piccho in particular) has been on my bucket list since I was in middle school. I guess this means it’s time to make it happen!

  3. Peru is already on my bucket list but I don’t think I could handle trying a guinea pig as I would be imaging the furry little animals. However I love your photo at the bottom where you have met the locals this is such a cool part of travelling. Thanks for sharing

  4. I love your pictures!! Full of culture. I would be a bit frightened to try guinea pig but you can’t know it till you try it right? Peru is now definitely on my bucket list! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I spent a month out in Peru and it’s a shame I was there at a point in my travels where I wasn’t enjoying traveling (I had been traveling for 6 years straight and finally hit my brick wall as I traveled through peru) Maybe I should have gone to the nunnery haha – However in saying that, I did have some good times, I did try guinea pig in Cusco, and Machu Picchu was very special 😀 – This is a good little read for anybody planning on going to Peru for the first time.

    1. That’s interesting, sorry that happened to you but I understand. However I will say that parts of Peru I didn’t like. For example I really disliked the feeling of puno by Lake Titicaca. The people were kind of isolationists. Also I found Lima to just be kind of blah. Although the coastline was gorgeous and the people were wonderful, it was pretty much a nondescript Latin American city

  6. OK.. You definitely had me sold! Peru sounds incredible! I always associate it with the Machu Picchu, but it sounds like there are a lot of amazing things to explore including a visit to the Amazon and the sand dunes.. But I think I’ll pass the roasted guinea pig.. LOL.

  7. Peru is the pleasant and charming place. I remember this country from founder of lehappy. Big hugs from Baku, Azerbaijan ✌✌✌

  8. Peru really is already very high on my bucket list. I am seriously jealous of your travels. I’d visit to see the ancient monuments as you described, although I don’t think I’d be brave enough to eat roasted guinea pig!

  9. I could never ever eat a guinea pig!!! 😦 That is just sad, on the other hand, I had no clue about the fact that Paddington bear comes from Peru, that is really cool.
    Peru is on my bucket list for some time now, but unfortunately is really far away, so I prefer to still explore the European countries left on my bucket list, before moving to Americas

  10. You had me at Indiana Jones and Paddington Bear! Michu pichu has been my husband and I plan to visit once we get our children grown up and moved out. Hopefully the tourists haven’t destroyed it by then!

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