Why You Should Explore Germany by Bike

Why You Should Explore Germany by Bike

When a person is dreaming of bucket list adventures and experiences, Germany tends to offer a ton of opportunities. Usually items like racing down the Autobahn, taking a river boat cruise down the Rhine River, or dancing the Polka at Oktoberfest come to mind. But recently, we discovered a great activity you should add to your bucket list: Riding Bikes. Not sure? Then let us convince you why you should explore Germany by bike.

It is convenient to explore Germany by bike

Travelling around Germany isn’t necessarily hard with countless trains, underground rails, and bus routes. Yet, when you explore Germany by bike, you no longer worry about crowds or time tables. Not to mention, often when you arrive by public transportation, you still have to walk to your desired destination.

Of course you could always rent a car in Germany. However, you still face the challenge of traffic and finding parking. When you explore Germany by bike, you can easily just ride up to your desired destination and not have to worry about spending hours looking for a spot to park.

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When you explore Germany by bike you discover more

With over 45,000 miles of bike paths throughout the country, it is definitely easy to explore Germany by bike. Whether it’s something in the main tourist section of a city or a palace on the outskirts of town, using a bike can get you there. Like in Berlin, a lot of the hot spots are near the Brandenburg Gate in former East Berlin. But the famous Charlottenburg Palace is on the other side of town in the former West Berlin. According to Google Maps, from the Brandenburg Gate, you would need to hop on the S Bahn or a bus, then transfer to the underground or another bus, and then walk 5 to 10 minutes totaling about 40 minutes. A forty minute trip may dissuade you from visiting this beautiful palace. But with a bike, it is an easy 20 minute ride over there from Brandenburg gate.

Also, while riding a bike in Germany, you get to find the hidden gems like a unique historical site or local hot spot. For example. in Munich, riding bikes allowed us to discover a unique World War II historical site often missed by visitors, behind the Feldherrnhalle known as Shirker’s Alley (Drückebergergasse).

You save money when you explore Germany by bike

While travelling, getting around can be a rather expensive add on to any adventure. With a car rentals, gas, and paid parking, it can often total as much as the plane ticket to get there. If you decide to skip the car rental, then you are forced to use public transportation which is great in Germany, but can nickel and dime you every time you use it.

However, when you explore Germany by bike, cost is less of a factor. Generally, with bike sharing services like Donkey Republic, you can easily find a bike for about €10 ($12 USD) for the full day. That is it!

Exploring Germany by bike is good for your body

It is hard to escape all of the sausages, schnitzels, pretzels, sauerkraut, and strudels in Germany. Then to top it off, there is a ton of great beer everywhere. This is why Germany is considered a food and beer heaven. However, all of that good food and beer can lead to some unforgiving vacation weight gain.

This is where exploring Germany by bike, may help. No sane person would deny a good beer and brat combo. So riding a bike may help burn off some of those extra yummy calories you will be consuming. For example, according to myFitnessPal, a pint of pilsner is about 150-250 calories and a typical bratwurst can be around 300 calories. Since most people burn about 500-600 calories an hour riding a bike like the ones offered by Donkey Republic, you just earned your lunch cruising around town.

When you explore Germany by bike you relieve stress

Vacations are supposed to offer you a much needed break from life at work and home. But TSA lines at the airport, crowds of people bumping into you at Check Point Charlie, or dealing with jet lag can sometimes be very stressful. However, exploring Germany by bike can offer stress relief in several ways.

First, after an hour of any endurance exercise like riding a bike, hormones like serotonin and endorphins get released. This can give you a feeling of happiness while reducing anxiety and stress.

Second, riding a bike can help you get to sleep better at night and fight jet lag. Riding a bike gets you outdoors which exposes you to sunlight. This is great because that sunlight can help in resetting your circadian rhythms. With big beautiful parks like the Englischer Garten in Munich or the Tiergarten in Berlin, you can set yourself up for a good night sleep as you soak up the vitamin D.

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You can explore Germany by bike easily with Donkey Republic

It is extremely easy to rent a bike in many cities in Germany with Donkey Republic. Just Follow the instructions below and start exploring:

  1. Visit www.donkey.bike and download the Donkey Republic app on iOS or Android.
  2. Once the app is downloaded, open it and search for bikes in your city. If you are planning ahead, see where what cities in Germany or anywhere in the world Donkey Republic has bikes by visiting www.donkey.bike/cities 
  3. Then locate the bikes you want to rent. When you get there, choose the number of bikes you need and click “Rent Now”.
  4. It will next give you Drop-off options. Then choose one of two options. Option 1 is where you return the bike ti the original pick up location. With Option 2, you can choose to return it to a any other return location. This is great if you are just using your bike to get to a far off location but don’t want to have to ride it back to your origination spot.
  5. It then takes you to the payment page, where, if you want, you can purchase theft insurance for the day.
  6. The payment page will also give you an option to add a Coupon Code. Don’t forget to enter BUCKETLIST to save an additional 15% off your rental!
  7. From there it will tell you the Bike Number that is yours for the day. You can see number on the bike by looking at the cell phone holder on the handle bars.
  8. Then make sure you turn on your phone’s Bluetooth. Then tap “Unlock” on your phone and the app will open the bike’s electronic lock. What is really cool is that you can lock or unlock your electronic bike lock whenever you want. So if you are riding by the Chinesischer Turm beer garden in Munich’s Englischer Garten, you can easily lock up your bike and stop for a Beer and Brats. 
  9. Explore Germany by bike and have an unbelievable day seeing the sites.
  10. When you are done, return the bike, lock the electronic bike lock, and click end your rental.
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Have had a chance to explore Germany by bike with Donkey Republic? Which of the reasons why you should explore Germany by bike is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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Disclaimer: The Bucket List Project partnered with the bike-sharing company Donkey Republic in Germany. With that said, All opinions in “Why You Should Explore Germany by Bike” are our own.

44 thoughts on “Why You Should Explore Germany by Bike

  1. Exploring our beautiful country by bike really is a great option! I’m sure your article will be most helpful to fellow travelers! Ein toller Beitrag 😊

    Liebe Grüße aus Hamburg,

  2. Can’t wait to visit Germany someday! Love your tips for bike travel, you can really take in the sights and the sustainability factor is great too.

  3. I’ve seen plenty of people riding bikes around Germany – seems like it is, indeed, prime cycling country. The benefits to yourself are obviously great, but it seems like you get a real feel for the country by taking this way as well 🙂

  4. Eric, agree Germany and other European countries should be explored by bike. I did Budapest by bike and the experience was phenomenal. The thing is that the countries have tons of trails and it is easy to move around on the bikes. This year I visited the Rhine area in Germany and I saw tons of bike paths. My dream is to stay in one of the towns and bike around for a day. The bikes are allow on the ferries so you can jump from one side to the other easily.

  5. Yes, yes, yes! I absolutely love Germany and wish I had more time for exploring by bike (usually very brief, one afternoon or so). Thanks for showing the photo of the app in use – I will definitely keep this company in mind on my next trip.

  6. I love cities that have bike lanes and respect the bike lanes. Walkers know where to walk, and cyclists know where to bike. Every place should be like that!

  7. Love reading your blog, I am more of a walker then rider… I love exploring cities by feet. I am definitely going to explore Germany by bike then I visit next. Love the photos.

    1. I love walking around Europe too but this was our first experience riding bikes and it was unbelievable plus they’re all over Europe and the UK. I hope you get a chance to try it one time it’s phenomenal experience

  8. I told my friend who lives in Berlin that the next time I visit her, I want to bike the perimeter of the old Berlin Wall. Now I know exactly where to get the bike to do that!

  9. Funny- this made me realize that while I’ve explored lots of countries on two wheels, Germany isn’t one of them! I wonder if it’s because their bike culture isn’t quite as big as places like Copenhagen or Amsterdam, so I just never thought to do it?

  10. Bike travel is always a good way to see around a country. I’m probably not fit enough to cope unless I’m somewhere flat – but I know there are some great places in Germany I could explore on a bike. Munich looks like more of a possibility than I’d expected.

  11. You have definitely some strong arguments to choosing exploring Germany by bike, plus all the benefits it brings with regards to economy and our health. I see more people travel around with their bikes, I love it. You avoid the parking, the transportation time with connections and you exercise while admiring the cities!

  12. Ya know, I think you could take your article and change a few words and it would be a suitable reasoning for exploring most destinations by bike. Bike riding is definitely a great way to see a place and improve your own outlook and health. Thanks so much for the information about Donkey Republic. I had no idea about this service and it’s definitely a good thing to know about.

  13. “45,000 miles of bike paths” – now that’s super impressive and should be a good enough reason to try biking there. However, I must confess I didn’t when I visited the country last. However, I think I will give Donkey Republic a shot next time 🙂

  14. This summer in Germany and also other parts of Europe we saw a lot of people cycling. 45k miles of bike tracks is quite something. For me the best way would be a combination of train or bus to go from city to city and then explore by bike.

  15. Biking in Germany is probably the best way to get a really immersive experience of the place. Given the wonderful countryside and the amazing landscapes it is easy to be convinced to explore Germany on Bike, apart from the other reasons. Donkey Republic seems to be a nice option for renting bikes.

  16. Biking is the best, easiest and cheapest way to explore Germany. 45,000 km of cycling track is something new and interesting for us. Biking will help one not only see the hidden spots but also will keep one fit and relieve the stress. The Donkey Republic seems to have several stations and a great option for renting.

  17. I totally agree! We rode around Berlin on bike on a bike tour, and it was one of the best days. Germany is perfect for bikes. You can cover so much ground and it’s so bicycle friendly!

  18. Even though I live in San Diego, we have used rental bikes to explore the beaches and islands, so I know that bicycling is a great way to discover new sites. And on a recent trip to Toronto, we took a guided bike tour — so much fun! You’re right! Bicycling does relieve stress and save money, too. I like that it lets you see things at a slower pace.

  19. It is definitely a healthier and cheaper way to explore Germany on a bike. And I haven’t been there but I have heard that they have a lot of bike paths, just like you mentioned. Not sure if I’ll be able to manage it though, I’ll be huffing and puffing a few kms in. Those of us living in dubai have been spoiled rotten and i am not proud of it. Need to get healthy !

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