2017 Bucket List Hopes and Goals

2017 Bucket List Hopes and Goals

It’s that time again, time for reflecting and planning out my 2017 Bucket List Hopes and Goals!

I was home from India for barely a week when I started getting that same damn question, “So what’s next on the Bucket List Project?” It is a question that sometimes bothers me. I appreciate that people are excited for the next adventure (as am I), but sometimes I just want the chance to enjoy the items previously accomplished and tell that story before moving on to the next. Regardless, 2016 was a great year of amazing adventures, new experiences, and wonderful new friends.  See all the Bucket List items I scratched off in 2016 by CLICKING HERE!

So what’s next on the Bucket List Project?

Trying to figure out what I want to do next can be a rather daunting task, especially since I am such a bucket-luster (is that just a dreamer of buckets?) that dreams of big adventures. Being that 2016 was filled with amazing travel and personal experiences, continuing that level of success can add to the difficulty.

But, for the past several weeks, I have been pondering what exactly my 2017 Bucket List Hopes and Goals are going to be.  Some of the items came easy, as they are items I’ve had on my mind, while others popped up for various reasons.  So, with the use of a modern technology (pen & paper) and a time tested strategy (the line graph), I believe I have come up with a great rough draft of my 2017 Bucket List Hopes and Goals.

Now I know that this technology is somewhat foreign to many, therefore I will post below what is written on my 2017 Bucket List Hopes and Goals graph for easier reading.

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Here is my 2017 Bucket List Hopes and Goals:


  • #129) Learn How to Make “GrandMom’s Pizza Pie”
  • #130) Eat weird things:
    • #18) Eat Pop Rocks & Drink a Coke and Not Explode


  • #17) Travel to The Republic of Ireland
  • #143) Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland
  • #210) Explore the Giant Causeway & walk across the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge in Northern Ireland


  • #18) Travel to Scotland
  • #130) Eat weird things:
    • #8) Haggis in Scotland
  • #16) Travel to England


  • #5) See my 6 Pack Abs


  • #188) See the Synchronous Fireflies in Elkmont, Tennessee
  • #100) Do 3rd of 4 Urban Adventures in random city in the U.S


  • #187) Travel to Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada
  • #108) Do 4+ OutDoor Adventure “Mud Races” (4th & Final is the Spartan near Banff, Alberta, CA)
  • #198) Witness Pink in Nature:
    • c) See a Pink Waterfall
  • #118) Geocache in the 2nd of 4 Cities (Edmonton or Calgary)


  • ????


  • #66) Travel to the Berlin Wall
  • #132) Drink Beer at OktoberFest in Germany
  • #189) Travel to Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany


  • #156) Travel to Chefchaoueh (the Blue City) of Morocco
  • #158) Visit my 5th of the 7 Continents (Africa)


  • 197) Go to Notre Dame vs Navy football game in South Bend (11-18-2017)


  • ???

Whenever Possible this Year

  • #200) Continue to Explore my home state of Louisiana
  • #203) Continue Reading my 11 Classic Adventure Books
  • #37) Be in a Movie: Be seen
  • #38) Be in TV Show Episode
  • #39) Be in a National Commercial
  • Try to Make Amends with 1 Person on my List
  • #103) Fullfill 1 Bucket List Item for Anyone who helps me with 1 of mine!

Now this definitely looks like a lot.  Obviously, this is just a rough draft because with life, especially mine, things are always subject to change. But as a list-maker, I feel writing it all out not only allows me to maintain focus but keeps me accountable.

So what do you think about The Bucket List Project’s 2017 Bucket List hopes and Goals?  Is there anything on the calendar you think is missing that I need to put on there this year? Please let me know in the comments below!

Also , what is on your 2017 Bucket List? I would love to hear about your hopes and goals for 2017!

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24 thoughts on “2017 Bucket List Hopes and Goals

  1. I love how you planned everything. I will just go with the flow :). We only planned our next holiday in a week and the rest we will see. We now that we will go to Vietnam and Cambodia in September but haven’t booked anything yet. But I have many things on my bucket list, just not sure it will be in 2017 🙂

  2. Wow, that looks like an exciting year ahead. I completely agree with what you’re saying though. It’s so important to digest all those wonderful experiences and really enjoy the moment before moving on to the next adventure. Happy travels!

  3. Wow! This is quite a list! I like how it combines personal achievements with travel 🙂

    How do you get enough time off work to do all of that travel? Do you have a job you can do remotely? Since moving to Canada (10 days vacation) from the UK (28 days) our travel has been limited by that!

  4. I love your bucket list! 2017 will be a fun year for you! I haven’t sat down yet to see what I want on my bucket list this year.

  5. I love your list, and the Tech you used.
    Paper and pen girl here!!!
    What I love the most about your list is eating strange food while travelling. So when you come over to Germany, don’t just drink the beer but try the Knip, kinda like Haggis.
    Have fun on your travels

  6. Hi Eric,
    You are such an inspiration. We have only started on our bucket lists. I love finding blogs that when I read they clear my head and help me focus on my goals. You and my family have similar goals of personal growth through experiences. It will be a great joy for me to follow your experiences and share ours. Thanks so much and happy travels!!!

  7. Like your list and you are busy as we are. Feb 28th and we are already in our 6th country with Macedonia, Albania and the rest of the Balkans to follow. I saw you are thinking Beerfest as we are for later in the year and that August was blank on your list. We are going to do the Bull Run in Spain then Tomatina in Spain during that time. Maybe you can add that to your list and see us there.

    1. Hi Samantha, well, I have been reading my books thus far but that is it since we finished and started 2017 with a bang racing tuk tuks in India. We are however, about to hit up Scotland, London, & Wales next month so onward we go!

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