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Who is Behind the Bucket List Project Blog?profile-pic-2

Eric Gamble is a 41 year old adventurer from New Orleans, Louisiana. Prior to becoming a full time blogger, he worked as a pharmaceutical sales rep specializing in cardiology and internal medicine. Eric is in constant pursuit of new adventures and experiences, all while chasing the many items on his bucket list. Come and see what his adventures are all about at

What is the Mission of The Bucket List Project?

With The Bucket List Project blog, the goal is to share once-in-a-lifetime experiences, people accomplishing them, and hopefully inspire readers to go out and do them.  In an overall category, The Bucket List Project can easily fall under travel and adventure blogging.  However, the blog is broken down into 5 major categories that encompass more of life:

  1. Adventure Travel
  2. Adventure Activities & Experiences
  3. Personal Growth
  4. Things I wanted to do for others
  5. Opportunities to Make Amends to Others

Why Work with the Bucket List Project?

With part of The Bucket List Project’s goal being to inspire our readers to go out and pursue their own bucket list dreams, Eric hopes to be able to offer ways to help them accomplish their dreams.  This is why working with The Bucket List Project may be a perfect fit for your business, brand, or travel bureau.  Together we can offer The Bucket List Project readers and social media followers information, guidance, and tools to bring them closer to their dreams.

Whether it is destination coverage through press trips, brand promotion, or product reviews, The Bucket List Project has multiple avenues to connect you and your business to our following.  If you feel that this is a match for you or your brand & you want to work together, then please feel free to fill out the form below.

The Bucket List Project’s Media Stats (as of February 1, 2018)

For more information or details regarding any of the above information, prices for services, or to ask for The Bucket List Project’s media kit please contact me on the Form Below:

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