The Helping Others List

The Helping Others List

This List is a way for me to Find Ways to Make Other’s Lives Better while discovering myself in the process hopefully!

4) Adopt a Child

7) Do Missionary Work in a 3rd World Country

50) My Holy Cross Man Project

53) Fullfill 1 Child’s Wish in Person through Make A Wish Foundation

58) Buy a Round of Drinks for a Full Bar in Honor of Someone Special

59) Buy a Drink for a Marine, a Sailor, an Airman, & an Army Soldier

93) Work at a Soup Kitchen on Thanksgiving

101) Create a College fund starting with $500 for 3 Special Children I know

103) Fullfill 1 Bucket List Item for Anyone who helps me with 1 of mine!

141) Find Two 4 Leaf Clovers & Give away 1 to Someone Who Needs Luck!

166) Be a Wedding Crasher at a Stranger’s Wedding – Give a Great Gift

192) Invest $$ to help someone else start their Dream Business

193) Anonymously Help someone in a way that changes their life

199) Raise a minimum $2500 for a Charity

209) Build a “Little Library”, stock it with great books, and put it in front of my house to Share

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