How To Plan For Your First Ski Trip

How To Plan For Your First Ski Trip

When it comes to enjoying some standout trips in your life, the planning phase is always going to be really important. Travel planning can be really intense at the simplest of times, so when you’re trying to do something bigger and more exciting, you know that you’re going to need to get the details right in order for it to come off. But at the same time, when it is a really big and exciting trip, you kind of can’t wait to get stuck in with the planning. Because it gives you something to look forward to and get your teeth stuck into before you head out. While every big trip will always have its own requirements, when it comes to skiing, there’s always going to be a few set things that you can do.

Whether you’re heading to a US ski resort or somewhere in Europe, the planning process can be largely the same. Because when it comes to a ski trip, there are a lot of the same things that you’re going to need to do, even the place or time that you do them may vary. When you’ve never been skiing before, you may even feel a little overwhelmed by what you’re faced with. Because booking a trip to go skiing isn’t quite the same as a beach vacation or city break. So to help you out, let’s take a look at what you need to do.

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Research The Resorts

As with any kind of travel booking that you’re going to make, you should always start off with the research. Even if you have a rough idea in your mind of where you want to go, you’re going to want to firm this up with some research. Sometimes, you can start to look into a resort and realize that it’s not what you want, that it’s not in budget, or it doesn’t have the facilities you really want. So, start off by researching a full range of resorts to see which may be what you’re looking for.

Choose The Time Of Year You Want To Visit

As you start to do some research, you’re going to want to consider some other important factors, like the time of year you want to go. Because at different times of year, you may experience different kinds of weather, or different events at the resorts. So be sure to look into snow reports and also event schedules. By doing so, you should be able to work out the best time of year to go.

Create A Budget

With all of this research taking place, it’s time to think about the money. Budgeting for a trip can be tough, but you’ve really got two ways to go about it. First, you could take the money you have a use that as the budget. Or, you could choose to work out what it will all cost, and then save the money up.

Make Your Bookings

But there’s only so much research you can do before you’ll be ready to book, and you’ll know when the time is right. Just be sure that you book everything you need. So alongside the resort accommodation and flights, that may also include the right luggage add-ons, transportation, or even event tickets or passes if you need them. Remember, you may want to book ski lessons too!

Shop For Some Skiwear

And, of course, when you’re going skiing, you need to have the right kind of things to take with you. If this is your first trip, it’s unlikely that you’ll have anything prepared. So, you’re going to need to head out to the shops and find your skiwear.

Top Tip: be sure to include these expenses in your overall budget too, as it can get expensive.

Create A To-Do List

The best way to make sure that you get the most out of your travel, especially when it comes to the most exciting trips, is to write it all down. Make a to-do list of all of the things you want to do, places you want to see, and restaurants that you want to eat at. That way, you can fit it all in.

Whether you are going solo or taking the family, the Bucket List Project offers great tips to help Plan For Your First Ski Trip! #SkiTrip #HittingTheSlopes #SnowSkiing Click To Tweet

Make A Rough Itinerary

From there, you can then pull together your full travel itinerary. Depending on how you want the trip to go, this could be a full structured plan, or just something rough. Either way, but having a schedule in place, you’ll be able to get the most out of your trip and make sure that it’s the adventure you always dreamt of.

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24 thoughts on “How To Plan For Your First Ski Trip

  1. Skiing has never really been a big thing for me – I’ve done it once and that was enough lol! I know loads of people who regularly ski though, so this post will be really handy for them! I’m going to share it around to a few other bloggers I know too x

    1. Personally I’m not the greatest skier and I’m not a fan at all of the cold, however it’s sometimes nice to mix it up and try a totally unique experience like snow skiing or snowboarding

  2. Great tip.
    This will surely be helpful once I plan to check the “went skiing” box on my bucketlist.

    However, I need to find a skiing place near the Philippines first.:p

  3. I never try this trip. I also never see snow in my life yet. Hopefully, I have a chance to do it soon. It looks so fun but I’m not sure I can handle the cold from the weather. It must be freezing! Very detailed post.

  4. These are fantastic tips for your first ski trip, as you do need to plan. I would advise to hire your helmet, rackets, ski boots and skis, most ski resorts in Europe offer this. Just buy the ski mask, hat, trousers, jacket, socks and layers.

  5. Since I was born and bred in a tropical region, I’ve never been on a ski trip. This post inspires ne to add skiing to my bucket list, and your tips will certainly cone in handy.

  6. This is a really useful article. I’ve never been skiing before but would like to at some point. Skiing just seems to daunting. I really wouldn’t know where to start so thanks for this article 🙂

  7. I’ve never planned a ski trip before – always seemed too intimidating. But your guide breaks it down well into a step-by-step process which would make it a lot easier for me. I also like the idea of including non-ski activities as part of a well-rounded trip.

  8. I really want to go skiing and this was really useful. I had planned to go to Bulgaria in this season, but I can’t get the time off to go! I will definitely refer back to this when I do book somehing.

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