Benjamin Franklin

“Many people die at twenty five and aren’t buried until they are seventy five.”

― Benjamin Franklin

One of the biggest challenges I often have when pursuing my bucket list is finding others to participate in the events with me.  This challenge comes at me from multiple angles because everyone always seems to have something holding them back.  Perhaps it is fear, but that isn’t usually the objection they present to me.  When I ask for participants, cost or physical ability are given as reasons why they can’t join me.

However, one of the biggest objections people offer is time!  This of course is an overall category that can include time to take to complete the event, time off of work, time to save the money, or fear of taking the time away from their  current lives.  Inevitably, everyone says they want to do said bucketlist event, but try to push it off to a more “convenient” time for them.  Now I understand that when it comes to my bucketlist items, just because I am rip roaring and ready to go do something now, it doesn’t mean that everyone else is ready.  But what bothers me is how people blow off their own personal bucket list items and dreams! In my humble opinion, I think it is sometimes fear that is the biggest culprit of time and perhaps people don’t realize that is what is actually keeping them from saying “yes.”

Time is probably the most precious gift we have. You need to watch Prince EA's video! Click To Tweet

Time is probably the most precious gift we are given and we as humans abuse and waste this gift in the worst way.  People bank on the idea that they will have time -later – but sometimes, later never comes!  They hope and pray that they will have the time and resources to accomplish items on their bucketlist when they get “older” or retire, but often, it doesn’t happen.

So in the spirit of inspiring others, I wanted to share this great video.  It was written and presented by Richard Williams, better known by his stage name Prince Ea.  I hope that it will inspire even just person to live life to the fullest now and move past all of the objections, fears, and limits put upon them.  Don’t end your life with regrets.  Remember it is better to have lived just 1 day but as a Lion than to have lived a 1,000 days but as a lamb.

Words and performance: Prince Ea

Client: Neste
Agency: TBWA
Creatives: Steve Brown, Pia Grekula
Marketing Director: Sirpa Tuomi
Business Director: Iikka Maunumaa

Director: Taito Kawata
Producer: Kimmo Manninen
Production Manager: Siiri Koponen
DP: Johan Wasicki
AC: Antwon Tevajärvi
Post: Dermot Gallagher, Arttu Rautio
Music: Markku Mäkelä
Grade: Marko Terävä / Post Control
Local production: Bui Baldvinsson & Finni Hardarson


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