Around The World: A Suggested Route

Around The World: A Suggested Route

It’s fair to say that traveling around the world — literally — is a goal for many voyagers. If you have long coveted your own plans for the perfect round-the-world trip, then actually settling on a route can be incredibly difficult. There are so many different countries to consider, how can you possibly string them altogether to produce a round-the-world trip that covers all the bases?

Well, the truth is… you can’t, so you shouldn’t try. There’s no way to see the entire world on a singular trip, but there are ways to ensure you get the most of your experience by creating a route that covers a wide variety of countries, cultures, customs, and locations. Below is a suggestion route that we think fits this bill perfectly.

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Starting Point: New York

New York is a great starting point, as it is a destination in and of itself, and you can spend a few days enjoying the lights of the big city before setting off.

First Leg: New York To London

London is one of the most visited cities in the world; it is steeped in culture and history, and offers a vibrant and dynamic experience to the modern traveler. There are plenty of New York to London transatlantic flights, so you won’t be short of options, and there’s plenty to enjoy when you land.

Second Leg: London to Cape Town, South Africa

From London, move to one of South Africa’s capitals for a very different holiday experience. After the bustle of London, a few days in Cape Town, climbing the famous Table Mountain, will help to center you and give you an entirely new experience.

Third Leg: Cape Town to New Delhi

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The Indian capital of Delhi should be your next stop; there are plenty of direct flights to choose from, so you won’t have a problem making the next hop west. You can tour the historic sites of Delhi; you’ll also be within a two-hour train ride of the Taj Mahal. Delhi is a busy, fascinating city that you will absolutely love.

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Fourth Leg: New Delhi to Tokyo

The trip from Delhi to Tokyo is a little trickier to navigate, but that’s to be expected from a round-the-world trip– sometimes the connections will be tough! Malaysia Airlines offer service from Delhi to Osaka in Japan; from there, you can catch a train to Tokyo, which will only take around three hours. The journey will be worth it when you get there; Tokyo is a stunning, modern city that offers something truly different to every leg of your trip so far.

Fifth Leg: Tokyo (via Osaka) to Auckland

After the highlights of Tokyo, you are likely going to want to slow down the pace, so a trip to Auckland in New Zealand could be just what you need. This modern, metropolitan city is home to a range of gorgeous, relaxing parks, stunning beaches, and a number of celebrated seafood restaurants.

Sixth Leg: Auckland to Honolulu

Your final leg puts you back on American soil. Finishing your trip in Hawaii gives you the chance to relax and unwind on the beautiful beaches, before catching a convenient flight back to your home on the mainland.

The above is just one example of how varied and stunning a round-the-world trip can be– do you have any routes in mind for your own trip?

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