5 unexpected holiday destinations that should be on your bucket list

5 unexpected holiday destinations that should be on your bucket list

Everyone should have a bucket list and on that list there should be some amazing holiday destinations you’d love to visit. But how do you decide what locations will make your list? The world has so much to offer – you’ve got to choose your favourites, based on what you love doing. To help, we’ve picked five destinations we don’t think you’ll be expecting. Hopefully, some will make your bucket list. Check them out:

  • Isles of Scilly

An archipelago off the Cornish coast, in southwest England, the Isles of Scilly are covered in beautiful heathland, and lined with sandy beaches. 2,200 people are lucky enough to call this place home on the five inhabited islands – St. Mary’s, Tresco, St. Martin’s, Bryher and St. Agnes. But there are countless uninhabited ones to explore.

Whatever the season, there are wildlife and habitats flourishing. You can go on several different boat excursions to see as much as possible. Out on the water, it’s more than likely you’ll be watched by the many curious eyes of Atlantic grey seals (who is watching who?), see puffins and maybe even dolphins, according to the official tourist board. It’s a little spot of the world relatively untouched by tourism.

  • Japan

When you think of Japan, skiing probably isn’t your first thought. But there are some popular spots including Niseko, Hakuba and Nagano. But the place worth adding to your bucket list is Appi. It’s only got 21 trails and a few of the mod-cons you’d expect in a fancy ski resort. But, if you’re looking for a foreign experience, seasoned travellers say it’s the place to go. If you’re a keen skier, head there before everyone realises how good the snow is.

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  • Chicago

When it comes to US cities, New York is probably on more people’s bucket list than Chicago. But if you love great food, craft beer, a spectacular skyline, impressive shopping, live music and theatre performances, galleries, and much more, you should consider visiting Chicago.

Something you probably didn’t know about Chicago is it’s also a beach vacation. In the summer, the lakefront’s 26 sandy beaches are buzzing. In these epic reasons to visit the city, they suggest dipping your toes into the cool blue waters of Lake Michigan, kicking back with a cool beverage at Montrose Beach, and playing volleyball at lively North Avenue Beach. If you’ve got kids, let them run wild at 31st Street Beach or soak up the sun at peaceful 63rd Street Beach.

  • Istanbul

City breaks offer great holiday opportunities – few of which are more impressive than the chance to see two continents in one city in Istanbul. Visiting Turkey’s largest city allows you to visit Europe and Asia in one trip. But in addition to that claim, you get to have a traditional Turkish bath, visit the Blue Mosque or take a ride on the Bosphorus strait.

  • Tristan da Cunha

Last up, we’ve got a destination that’s sure to give you some bragging rights. As the world’s most remote destination, it can only be reached by a week-long boat trip from South Africa. Or, if you’re lucky, a couple of cruise ships pass by every year.

Unsurprisingly, there’s pretty much no tourism infrastructure – including no hotels, so you’ll have to fully immerse yourself in local life. But, as this video of a day on the island will show you, meeting the locals is one of the best things about visiting.

Where destinations do you hope to visit? Share your bucket list places with us.

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This was a guest post written by Isabel Leong from belaroundtheworld.com 


40 thoughts on “5 unexpected holiday destinations that should be on your bucket list

  1. You mentioned two of my favorites! Japan being the first. My husband and I love Japan so much (helps that he is Japanese) that we’re going there for 3-4 months next year. These are some great destinations!

  2. I would absolutely love to go to each of these places…anywhere really, just have to make the finances happen first 😛 Chicago might seem more doable at this point. hehe

  3. Yaay! For Chicago being on the list. I currently live 15 mins from downtown Chicago and I love it. 🙂 Such a beautiful place to visit. Also, the other places you listed are AMAZING as well. I totally would love to visit each one. — Great post!

  4. Wow – great post! Didn’t even know about Tristan da Cunha before you wrote about it. I LOVE Japan – couldn’t agree more about it being a MUST visit!

  5. The only place that isn’t already on my bucket list is Chicago… I just might add it to my list after reading your post. Japan is one of those countries I’m dying to visit, especially in the spring since I’m a little obsessed with cherry blossoms 🙈. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  6. Ooh, I’ve never heard of Tristan da Cunha. I love island locations, as I’ve lived on an island most of my life now, and it being remote is all the better! I will have to look into that. Nice to see Chicago on the list. I grew up outside of Chicago and spent a few summer days at the beach and swimming in the lake. Great city for sure.

  7. Great list! I haven’t been to any of these places but have always wanted to go Japan. One of my colleagues go there every year just to have sushi! Istanbul looks fascinating as well. And surprisingly, many people tell me Chicago is awesome too! Thanks for sharing your list!

    1. Yeah, I really want to go to Japan too! I have eat sushi in Japan on my Bucket List but I also would love to discover more of the history of their samurai and just overall learn more about the country

  8. All of these sound amazing, but I am really intrigued by that last island you mentioned. I wanna go now before it turns touristy! It sounds wonderful 😀

  9. I would love to spend more time in Japan. My problem here though is that everywhere is on my bucketlist, I just have to narrow it down before I decide where to go!

  10. Another Chicago native checking in. People are often surprised there are beaches in Chicago because where not by an ocean. You asked for a favorite. I like Montrose Beach. Istanbul is one of my favorite cities I’ve visited so far. I need to put the others on the list.

    1. Thank you Bisa for Montrose. Yeah I also think people are shocked to learn there is a beach because Chicago is always shown as a major city. So they think skyscrapers and concrete

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