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A Bucket List Adventure Race – The Rickshaw Run

A Bucket List Adventure Race – The Rickshaw Run

Merriam-Webster defines an “adventurer” as someone who likes dangerous or exciting experiences; a person who looks for adventures! Well there is no doubt that in creating the Bucket List Project several years ago, I have sought out adventures of all types. I would spend hours scouring the internet, reading about the experiences of other “adventurers.” Many of these adventure activities and travels were typical to a person with wanderlust. However, there is one adventure that caught my eye and has totally stoked the insatiable adventurer in me, a Bucket List adventure race called The Rickshaw Run.

What is the Rickshaw Run?

The Rickshaw Run is a 14-day Bucket List adventure race that began 10 years ago by a group of crazed people who called themselves the Adventurists! With the hope of making the world less boring, they strive to create adventures where you don’t know what will happen tomorrow or if you’ll even finish the race.

I finally found the un-suspecting co-pilot I needed to join me in the January 2017 Rickshaw Run. Darcee and I will begin the race on January 2nd from Fort Kochi near the bottom of India. For the next two weeks we will race along the west coast toward Jaisalmer in a 3-wheeled Tuk Tuk (a tricycle with an engine). There will likely be many wrong turns, mechanical and mental breakdowns, mutinies and a love-hate relationship with Indian food, all while we are raising money for two charities dear to us.

We will race our highly unstable glorified tricycle, that will break down continuously. While travelling without a set of directions, we will attempt to overcome more obstacles in our path than contestants on a Japanese game show. We will battle the 1.2 billion people and 140 million vehicles in India while experiencing one crazy adventure and trying not to die!

So why on Earth am I doing this?

The short answer – Why not?

Those of you who know me, know that each year I actively tackle many of the over 200+ items in the Bucket List Project as well as try to assist others in going after their personal bucket list dreams.  It’s driven me to accomplish my dreams as well as given me the opportunity to help others!  The Rickshaw Run is helping me accomplish several of my Bucket List items:

14) Participate in 1 Adventurist Race: the Rickshaw Run

165) Learn & Play Cricket with Locals in a Foreign Country

69) Travel to the Taj Mahal, India

199) Raise thousands of dollars for charity

Now of course adventure is the name of the game when it comes to the Rickshaw Run. However, amid the insanity, it has allowed me to do something amazing before even starting the race, give back! One of the major pre-requisites of the Rickshaw Run is to raise funds for charity. Together with friends, family, and even some generous strangers, I was able to raise over $5,600 for both Angels’ Place New Orleans & Cool Earth! You can see & still donate to these great causes via our GoFundMe page at

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Still don’t understand what we are about to do?

Still not sure what exactly this Bucket List Adventure Race will look like? Then watch this promo from the Adventurists themselves.


My First Year in the Woods – A Bucket List Adventure

My First Year in the Woods – A Bucket List Adventure

My First Year in the Woods – A Bucket List Adventure

There’s a passage from Hemingway that I’ve often told people if offered a choice I would live in for eternity….

“Now that the bad weather had come, we could leave Paris for a while for a place where this rain would be snow coming down through the pines and covering the road and the high hillsides and at an altitude where we would hear it creak as we walked home at night.  Below Les Avants there was a chalet where the pension was wonderful and where we would be together and have our books and at night be warm in bed together with the windows open and the stars bright.  That was where we would go.”

And that was where I had gone.  While not in my beloved France, I had carved my own version of this utopian scene in my own little patch of forest in the woods.

This first winter I had done just that.  Sat in my bed reading with the window slightly cracked, the snow falling softly with that almost silent swish, the fire cracking in the wood burning stove.  The warmth not fully reaching me in the bed but seeing it there created an internal warmth that spread outward and covered me in it’s own glow.

When people speak of bucket lists they are really speaking of dreams.  The dream of going somewhere or doing something that uplifts their spirit, gives their lives hope, fulfills a deepest wish in their soul, makes them leap out into the world, throw themselves in the mix of humanity and experience.  You could say the cabin was my ultimate bucket list check off.
It’s the first anniversary of acquiring my little patch of felicity in the woods.  It’s been a year of wonder, magic, aggravation, solitude, terror, reflection, disruptions, solace, empowerment, but mostly it’s just been absolutely life changing wonderful.

It’s become not just a place I go to but almost a mental retreat available at all times.  If I’m having a soul punishing day I shift my attention from what I’m working on to looking up a cabin project idea and daydreaming about what I’m going to plunge into on the next trip. Cabin as a state of mind?  I certainly think so.
After traveling around the world and methodically checking off one bucket list destination after the next I came to a point where I was not satisfied with just my week or few days in one of the places that I loved.  I yearned to be able root myself to a specific place of meaning.

I normally spend a lot of time researching interesting places to stay.  Whether just an off the grid destination or someplace that had been designed with a bit of magical realism in mind.  Places where they spent that little extra time to add something intangible that you feel as well as see.  I drew inspiration from these places and wanted to carve something like that as my own.

The cabin was years in coming.   It was a spark in the back of my brain after my first visit to Mammoth Lakes when I was 25.  I didn’t ski, I hadn’t spent much time in snow, and even with being raised basically underwater in New Orleans I was a mountain girl in spirit and I knew it.  My heart soared anytime I saw a peak in the distance.  There was a little leap inside of me every time I saw the topography of the land changing to a rising landscape that directed your eyes and your soul UP!

As I look back on the year it’s sometimes amazing to me that there wasn’t always a cabin.  Maybe in my mind it was always there.  The reality of it was just an extension of someplace I was already living in the deep reaches of my soul.
Why the cabin?
Why did I decide to plant my soul in a spot with no running water in the winter, road access only 4 months of the year, horrible resale value, and a water system that defied logic or reason?
When I inherited the cabin there was a book there.  Sitting solemnly in a stack of other old books on the coffee table called “The Man from Mono”.

On one of those nights that writers always love to write about, where the wind and snow was swirling outside and the wood stove stacked with as much wood as I could squeeze into one metal box.  I was buried under four blankets, wearing a pair of ear muffs, and trying to figure out how to line my long johns with long johns when I realized that I had left my book in the car.  Having no desire to test the limits of my wardrobe and sanity by trying to deconstruct my sofa attire and rig myself back up to go out in the blizzard.  Then snowshoe a mile round trip to the car parked at Tamarack Lodge just to retrieve a small paperback.  Tonight’s reading was going to be “The Man from Mono” by default.
What a find.
As I sat there with my frozen fingers and a bottle of wine that was conveniently chilled to the perfect temperature.  (Not by a wine fridge or any special device, but by the sheer chill of the cabin.)  I delved into this story that brought to light just why we do it.  Why we’ve always done it.

The need to not only be in nature but to conquer it lives very deeply in all of our souls.  John Muir, Shackelton, Franklin, Captain Cook, Krakauer, Ansel Adams, Bruce Chatwin.  Contemporaries to our world and the years behind us.
This man from Mono told a story of a very regular life led in very extraordinary circumstances and hardship.  Where this simple man set up trap lines in the winter, tourists wait in long gate lines to get into one of the most famous National Parks in the world.  His world was challenging and difficult.  He lost many friends to the rigors and dangers of that time and lifestyle.  But you could sense that he wouldn’t have chosen any other life.  His existence was connected and fed by the world in which he lived and the people who also chose that same life.

I was no different.  That siren pull of nature was always beating inside me.
Somebody asked me recently what the best part of having the cabin was and I answered because I knew it was always there.  Always within reach.   Always just a drive away….

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About Our Guest Poster:

Raised on the outskirts of New Orleans between the bayou and the river, Michelle Faucheux has always been fascinated with history, travel, adventure, and exploration which has taken her as far as Egypt, Africa, and Antarctica. In a “previous life”, she was an avid concert goer, classic movie buff, and even a 3 time Louisiana Beauty Queen as a young adult. When not in her charming atelier apartment in an old New Orleans Victorian home in the Garden District, you can find Michelle living by a Silver Lake in Los Angeles or Twin Lakes in Mammoth Lakes where she is working as a producer for commercials, music videos, and photo shoots.

To share Michelle’s journey & adventures of being a new forest service cabin owner & the trials and tribulations that go with it, visit her “Chateau Fosho” website when you have some time for escaping to cabin living by visiting:

Bonfires on the Levee – A Louisiana Christmas Tradition

Bonfires on the Levee – A Louisiana Christmas Tradition

Joyeux Noel!

December is a magical time of year as many people celebrate the holiday season with traditional customs passed down from generations of their family and community! In Louisiana, this is especially true as we celebrate the coming of Christmas and the New Year in beautiful and unique ways.  One of the rarest ways locals show their holiday spirit is through a Christmas tradition known as ‘the Bonfires on the Levee.’

The History of Bonfires

The history behind how the Christmas bonfires began is a bit blurry.  This is perhaps due to the fact that the area of Louisiana now known as the River Parishes were settled by both French and German settlers who celebrated the holidays in various traditions. According to research, when they first arrived, the people of the area often only celebrated Christmas as a church obligation while New Year’s Eve was the time of gift giving and revelry. According to local history, families and friends would gather on New Years Eve for a feast of gumbo and eggnog. Then they would gather on the levee to watch the burning of a large cone-shaped bonfire to say goodbye to the previous year while celebrating the coming of new one. As with many traditions, this revelry gradually evolved toward what we now know as a Christmas celebration.

The more common modern and most cherished story is that the Christmas Bonfires on the Levee is a Cajun tradition developed to celebrate the coming of “Papa Noël,” the Cajun Santa Claus. It is said that the residents of the River Parishes (St. James, St. John and St. Charles) would light bonfires along the levees of the Mississippi River to light the way for Papa Noël with his pirogue drawn by alligators named Gaston, Ninette, TiBoy, Celeste, Suzette, etc. as they would deliver gifts.  This wonderful story is recounted in the popular children’s book, Cajun Night Before Christmas.

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Building of the Bonfires

The residents of the River Parishes take great pride in the building of their bonfires. To create a bonfire, a family must first file a permit with Pontchartrain Levee Board. This is to be insured in case of an accident as well as notifying proper safety authorities.  Then teams called the ‘Boys of the Bonfire Club’ will deliver logs, branches, kindling, and spars to help the families create their bonfires.

Each family often creates the traditional conical style – a center spar planted dead center in the ground while 3 or 4 other long spars are used as corner edges – meeting at the top of the center spar to create a pyramid.  Next, shorter logs are stacked log cabin style to develop the outer wall of the pyramid. It is then filled with kindling, cotton doused in kerosene, and left over pieces of wood.  Each bonfire averages about 20 feet high.

In recent years, whether it was to celebrate the holidays, their favorite sports teams, or unique Louisiana symbol, families have become more creative with their designs, adding a little flare to the tradition.

How to Experience the Bonfires on the Levee

If you can make it, the most popular way to experience the Bonfires on the Levee is as a family gathering on Christmas Eve. You should arrive at sunset, around 7pm, when the bonfires are set ablaze and bowls of hot gumbo and eggnog are served. However, if you can’t make it on Christmas Eve, there are also 2 other ways to experience the Bonfires on the Levee earlier in December:

  1. Oak Alley Plantation’s Annual Christmas Bonfire Party: Usually held the 1st Saturday in December, this is a bit more of an organized event held in nearby Vacherie, Louisiana at the famous Oak Alley Plantation.  The party starts at 7pm where you are treated to an unbelievable Cajun/creole buffet style feast by workers in period plantation style costumes. Then around 8pm the brass quintet second line parades everyone to the levee where the bonfire is lit and Christmas carols are sung.  From there, you can stay or return to the plantation for more great food, dancing, and fun. Don’t lollygag though because every year this event sells out quick and reservations are required. Please call 800-44ALLEY to purchase your tickets.  Otherwise to learn more about the event, visit online at Oak Alley Plantation.
  2. Festival of the Bonfires: The Festival of the Bonfires is a wonderful small festival usually held the 2nd full weekend (Friday – Sunday) of December in Lutcher, Louisiana.  Their slogan is “CHRISTMAS ON THE RIVER…CAJUN STYLE!” and they live up to the hype.  Of course, you are there to see the bonfires, but the festival offers fun for the whole family.  With live entertainment, crafts, Santa’s Very Merry Forest and carnival rides, it is easy to get in the holiday spirit as you wait for the lighting of the bonfire.  Be ready to eat. There is a large variety of main courses like gumbo, jambalaya, boudin sausage, potato salads, and miscellaneous fried foods. But leave room for dessert as the Cajun Christmas treats arrive in full force with various types of bread pudding, brownies, funnel cakes, and even deep fried Oreos and Twinkies for the adventurous soul. Make sure you grab some hot cocoa or eggnog around 6:30pm. Then head outside to special buses that will shuttle you to the levee. Here at 7pm the Queens of the Festival will light the Bonfires. From there you can catch any of the shuttles back to the Festival to enjoy more food or dance the night away to live music. To see a calendar of events, visit Festival of the Bonfires.

Have you ever seen the Bonfires on the Levee in the River Parishes of Louisiana? Do you have Christmas traditions that are unique to your family or community? Tell us all about them in the comments below.

And as Papa Noël says at the end of the Cajun Night Before Christmas:

“An’ I hear him shout loud

As a splashin’ he go

‘Merry Christmas to all

‘Til I say you some mo’!”


Gift Guide for the Bucket List Adventurer

Gift Guide for the Bucket List Adventurer


Every December and in February around my birthday, my mother calls me with the same dreaded question, “What do you want for a present this year?” Gift giving can be stressful overall, but it can be even worse for that bucket list adventurer in your life.  What do you give to a person who is constantly skating around the world searching for adventures?  Well, I began scouring the web to find gifts ideas to give my mom and came up with a handy Gift Guide for the Bucket List Adventurer!

I categorized my Gift Guide for the Bucket List Adventurer to make it easier for you to use.  So feel free to click on any of the links below or scroll down to see them all!

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Gifts to Make Traveling Easier

Angel Baby Car Seat Travel Bag


When I fly, I inevitably see parents lugging around their child’s car seat in the most awkward way – along with their own carry on bag and of course their child.  It looks quite uncomfortable, but no more! With the Angel Baby car seat, you receive a universal bag that fits most Car Seats, Booster Seats, Infant Carriers, and more! It also has convenient carrying handle and drawstring adjustable lock for easy open/close with an ID TAG for identification.

Buy it from: AngelDirectProducts

RFID Blocking Leather Passport Wallet

rfid-passport-walletHandcrafted in soft leather, this ultra sleek passport cover not only looks smart, it protects your passport and credit cards in this RFID-blocking leather Passport Wallet. This will help prevent identity theft by stopping sensitive personal data from being stolen. Knowing your personal and credit card information is protected from digital thieves will allow you to travel in confidence .

Buy it from: ETSY

Travel Checklists for Packing, Outfit Planning, and Shopping

travel-checklistsI am a list person because I get distracted easily.  So these lists are great to help you stay organized while preparing for your travels.  With the TRAVEL PACKING CHECKLISTS  you can instantly download a 9 page organizer to make packing for your next vacation smooth and simple.

Buy now From: PeoplesLifeOnPaper

Water Bottle Holder

water-bottle-holderEveryone drinks bottle water while traveling, but carrying around those bottles can be annoying.  These water bottle holders are great for travel, taking a walk or bike ride – anywhere you are on the move and want to take a drink with you. You can clip it to your belt loop, your bag or backpack, fanny pack … you name it.

Buy it From: Amy’s Red Threads

Custom Luggage Handle Wraps


So probably one of the worst parts of travel is trying to find your bags on the carousel at baggage claim, especially since most suitcases are black.  But now you can create your own monogrammed luggage finders! These Custom Luggage Handle Wraps are sure to keep your bags safe and stylish, sporting your own custom design.

Buy them from: ChicMonogram


Travel Insurance from World Nomads


Travel insurance isn’t always high on the Bucket List Adventurer’s list of gifts, but it is probably one of the most important.  Don’t get me wrong, I hope you never need to use it, but Travel Insurance from World of Nomads is an important safety net when things go wrong while traveling.  What I like is that they cover all kinds of things: illness, theft, flight cancellations, and of course accidents – even from adventure sports. 

Get a Free Quote from: World Nomads




Engraved Portable USB Power Bank

engraved-portable-power-bankPortable Power Banks are life savers when your devices are dying but you can’t find a place to plug in.  This portable bank charger fits in jean pockets, purses, includes a USB charger and comes in three colors: black, pink, or blue. Use it to recharge  mobiles, tablets, laptops, or hybrids plus FastSelling can engrave your name, logo, or whatever you like to personalize it at no extra cost.

Buy it from: FastSelling

Leather Travel Cord Organizer


We experienced the frustration of digging your earphones out of the bottom of a bag, only to find them all knotted up.  Well with the Leather Travel Cord Organizer you can keep your earbuds and Lightning iPhone charger untangled and organized. This handy leather keeper is available in tons of colors too!

Buy it from: Exsect


Handmade Leather Cord Wrap Organizer


In today’s day and age cords are a necessary evil.  With the Handmade Leather Cord Wrap Organizer you can store all laptop, mobile, camera, portable power cell, or any electronic plug adapter.  These beautiful handmade leather wraps can even be personalized with your initials or name.

Buy if From: Sinevir 


Gifts for the Male Bucket List Adventurer

Travel Mini Bar


Reminiscent of the days of traveling snake oil salesmen, is this quaint original design from Cold Creek Brewing. A vintage-styled wooden container which comes with four 2oz. bottles (approx 1 1/4″ shots per bottle!) with aluminum screw on lids, and it’s own little funnel. The Travel Mini Bar is a perfect accessory for camping, planes, or wherever your going!

Buy it from: Cold Creek Brewing

Custom Map Cufflinks

custom-map-cufflinksI love cufflinks!  Even for the Bucket List Adventurer, there are times when you want to dress up and look sharp!  With these Custom Map Cufflinks you will make an impression while exploring your favorite travel destination or at events at home!  Brass And Chain can help you create your own vintage map cufflinks made of Antique Brass or Silver Plated.  You provide them with your preferred location (any city, state, or country in the world) to showcase.

Buy them from: Brass and Chain

Real Compass Cufflinks


Like I said, I really love cuff links and I personally love my Real Compass Cufflinks.  There is something about wearing them that always strikes up a conversation about travel.  These handmade silver cuff links feature an actual working compass set in silver plated cufflink bases. The red arrow points North in case you get lost in your Tuxedo!

By them from: BjeweledVintage

Personalized Wood Pocket Knife


Growing up in the Scouts, everyone had a pocket knife and as an adult traveler, I don’t ever leave home without mine.  Sin City Engravers offers a beautiful wooden multi-tool pocket knife that can be individually engraved on both sides. Every knife is 5/8” thick and offers 7 individual tools.  All tools are stainless steel and the handle is solid hardwood.

But it from: Sin City Engravers 

Gifts for the Female Bucket List Adventurer

Travel Infinity Scarf with a Secret Pocket


The 100% cotton Travel Infinity Scarf is the perfect gift, measuring about 66 inches around and about 10 inches wide. It is made to wrap around twice, resting nicely on your neck and chest.  The best part? It has a SECRET POCKET with a hidden zipper to hold your passport and tickets while you’re bustling through the busy airports. Amazing, right? The pocket measures about 7 inches wide by 6 inches tall, which is the perfect size for a passport, ID card, credit card, etc.

Buy it From: Pierron Designs

Extra Large Hanging Toiletry Bag


The Lilliput Hanging Toiletries Bag will be your perfect travel companion: with its functional design, sturdy construction and attention to details, it reinvents your organizational needs when you need it most. You can now keep a large variety of products and travel essentials in ONE single bag.

Buy it from: Lilliput Bags

Personalized Map Pendant


The Personalized Map Pendant necklace makes a thoughtful gift for any traveler, wanderer, or long distance love.  This custom map necklace is the perfect piece of map jewelry to keep any place close to your heart. Choose a place that is special to you and memorialize it forever in a beautiful recycled piece of jewelry that you will love and wear for years to come!

Buy it from: Favoring Brave


Aqua Border Zebra Print Sarong


A sarong may be one of the most essential items of clothing a woman can bring while traveling.  Obviously, you can wear a sarong over a bathing suit, however xTheScarfShop offers beautiful sarongs that can be used in many ways.  Wear it as a cover-up, scarf, shawl, skirt, dress, or wrap.  The possibilities are endless.

Buy it from: xTheScarfShop

Books for the Bucket List Adventurer

Viva Cuba Coloring Book by Eric Gamblevisit-cuba

Do you wanderlust about Cuba?  Viva Cuba by Eric Gamble is a fun coloring book for children and adults alike. It is filled with ready to color pages for those dreaming of traveling to Cuba. The coloring book is presented by The Bucket List Project.

Buy it from: The Bucket List Project via Lulu

 Bucket List Travel Journal


 The Bucket List Travel Journal is a great journal for listing and planning all the goals and dreams you will complete in this lifetime.  It is made with 60 lb. unlined paper for writing, planning, sketching and keeping all the little tokens from the road.  Each journal contains a different set of repurposed maps to inspire travel beyond one’s comfort zone.

Buy it from: Tremundo Journals

How to Travel the World on $50 a Day by Matt Kepnes


I love this Book! How to Travel the World on $50 a Day by Matt Kepnes will show you how to make the system work for you in order to gain free flights, hotel rooms, find alternative accommodation, get into attractions for free, websites to find the best deals, as well as detailed costs and saving tips for destinations around the world. If you’ve ever dreamed of traveling the world – or maybe just taking your family to Disney or a trip to London, How to Travel the World on $50 a Day will give you the practical, step-by-step instructions to get your there.

Buy this Book from: Thrift Books

1,000 Places to See Before You Die by Patricia Schultz


1,000 Places To See Before You Die reinvented the idea of the travel book as both wish list and practical guide. As Newsweek wrote, “it tells you what is beautiful, what is fun, and what is just unforgettable everywhere on earth.”  There are 600 full-color photographs along with suggestions of places to stay, restaurants to visit, and festivals to check out.  As a result, you will find multi starred restaurants and historic hotels such as the Ritz, while also seeing moderately priced gems that don’t compromise on atmosphere or charm.

Buy it from: Books-A-Million

Learn with Babbel


When you can speak another language, your world becomes bigger, richer, and more inspiring. Learn with Babbel is fun, easy and effective. Their motivation is to provide a user-friendly, solution that allows learners to acquire a foreign language in a fun but targeted way, regardless of time or place. Anyone can learn languages; this vision has driven the Babbel team since 2007. The market-leading app for online learning makes it easy to access languages from English to Indonesian either from home, or on the go with a smartphone or tablet.

Buy it from: Babbel

101 Places to Get F*cked Up Before You Die by Matador Network


Looking for a guidebook that isn’t full of tired, lame, or even BS travel information? 101 Places to Get F*cked Up Before You Die brings together the most irreverent and legit accounts of drinking, nightlife and travel culture around the world. Part guide, part social commentary, part party invitation, 101 Places to Get F*cked Up Before You Die gives you all the info and inspiration you’ll need to find a good time!  

Buy it from: Books-A-Million

Gifts for the Home of a Bucket List Adventurer

Scratch Map of the World


If you ever come to my house you will see my Scratch Map of the World hanging on my wall.  This scratch off map is an ideal gift for people who love to travel and explore the world. It will be a symbol of your past travels, all while reminding you that there are still many more exotic places, languages, cultures, foods, and people to explore.

Buy this from: SimaxLLC

Travel, Vacation, Adventure Fund Jartravel-vacation-adventure-fund-jar

The Travel,Vacation, Adventure Fund Jar is so much fun. It’s the ultimate vacation fund jar. Put it in an accessible place, an area where everyone can contribute to the fund and watch it grow.  The front of the jar is etched with an ADVENTURE license plate and world continents. The left and right sides are etched with travel and passport stamps, plus a map of Rose Wind.

Buy it from: LaserScribeIt

World Map Shower Curtain


I don’t know about you but I do some of my best day dreaming in the shower and these World Map Shower Curtains will have you thinking about where you want to travel next.  Mapology makes World Map Shower Curtains from vintage maps they restore.  They print each beautifully printed curtain in soft polyester fabric and will change the entire look of your bathroom!

Buy if from: Mapology

Bucket List Ballpark Map Tracker


Back in October, The Bucket List Project shared John Alo’s story, My Ultimate Baseball Bucketlist, of how he was on a mission to visit all Major League Baseball stadiums. With the Bucket List Ballpark Map Tracker, you will have an awesome way to track your mission of visiting all 30 baseball stadiums.  Each map features the 30 current ballparks, fun facts about the history of some of those parks, plus a section for you to personalize.

Buy it from: Northern Liberties

So what do you think of Gift Guide for the Bucket List Adventurer?  Did you find new gifts for yourself or the Bucket List Adventurer in your life?  Is there something you recently found that would be perfect to add?  Let me know in the comments below!