2014 Year in Revew & 2015 State of the Union!

2014 Year in Revew & 2015 State of the Union!

(Originally published on 03/02/15)

Wait….What Year is IT??? How Did I miss 2014 already?  Wait, how old am I?  I turned 39 Last Wednesday??  Holy Crap!!!!  Where did those days go?

These are all statements people say all the time when you ask them what they did last year or what they did during the past year of their life on their birthdays.  I know its what people keep asking me.  So what did Eric Gamble, Mr. Bucket List, Mr. World Traveler, Mr. Crazy Adventurer, Mr. Insane Free Living Spirit do last year??  Then they ask, well what is NEXT?  So First, Let me give you my 2014 Year in Review and then Give you a taste of the State of the Bucket List Union for 2015!

 2014 Was a unique year in that it started with me returning to decade of the 80’s!  I got to go to WrestleMania & See Guns N Roses Live in Las Vegas!  The little punk kid in me was totally geeking out for both!

Then the Summer time I got to give back!  I was able to help my mother see Alaska, help honor a long time friend by showing him what I saw in Him and his friendship (A Holy Cross Man), help another friend recover his lost high School Ring, and set another friend on his own insane Adventure to skydive!

I did some unique traveling to different parts of the US but the highlight of my travels was backpacking through Peru to witness Machu Picchu and Lake Titticaca!

 So Everyone ALWAYS wants to know what I am doing next!  I think its sometimes crazy especially when I get home from doing some crazy adventure, that within a few days, they are like, “That Was Awesome, so What are you going to do Now?”  My thoughts are usually like, “What am I going to do now?  I don’t know, like 2 weeks of Laundry?!?!”  But to be honest, I love the question, cause it means that people see me as someone who is Living A Life of Adventure, Travel, and Experiences…Living As A Lion!

So Here is a Little Taste of the Ideas of What the Year 2015, my Last Year in my 30’s, is going to hold!  Here is my 2015 State of the Union!

1) I am starting this year by helping 2 people complete their Bucket List Items, One will go Skydiving and my cousin will do a Color Run as a Catalyst to get healthy

2) 2015 Will be the YEAR OF FINISHING!  I plan on Finishing several Bucket List Items that have been a work in progress like reading all 15 Wizard of Oz Books, Doing my Last Mud Run of the 4 that were my Goal ( Last One? I AM SPARTAN!), Finally cut this last bit of Body Fat to see my 6 pack! and a couple of others!

3) I have been missing one of my more important sections Making Amends.  Therefore, I am going to actively try to work on 2 of them and hopefully do one other bucket list gift for one other person this year!


4) Geez, fine…I will be travelling to hopefully 3 international sites and 4 new US sites that I have never been to…Think I am going to search for the Aurora Borealis, do Indy 500, Possibly go to China and do the Most Dangerous Climb to a Temple, visit the Galapagos and Ecuador for an EcoTravel, or perhaps go to Thailand.  These are just some of the ideas popping in my mind right now but who knows where I will end up however I will go see the world, eat strange foods, and learn by traveling!  I do know this, it will be crazy, it will be wonderful, and it will be epic!

So those are my Goals. I like to announce them and share them!  It holds me accountable!  You guys hound me and I like and need that.  What if 2015 is our last year of life?  What if we don’t get to see our next Birthday?  Well, then we need to Live now!

What are your goals this year?  Share them with my by clicking on the comments link below!!  Cant wait to see what you are thinking!

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