2 Months In Asia For A New You

2 Months In Asia For A New You

If you’re feeling a little down at the beginning of the year, or if the excitement of the celebrations and new year’s resolutions has already worn out, it’s time to plan your next trip. However, don’t make it just a holiday for pleasure. Instead, take a break from everyday life and rediscover yourself. Asia is the place to be to broaden your horizon and come back with plenty of exciting new lifestyle approaches in mind. After all, the continent of spirituality, mindfulness and colorful festivals is for many a place of rebirth and discovery of self. What better way to start the year than by visiting countries that inspire self-improvement in all areas of your life? Start your journey.

What better way to start the year than by visiting countries that inspire self-improvement in all areas of your life? Consider 2 Months In Asia For A New You with our guide. #BucketListTravel #Asia #TravelToAsia Click To Tweet

Renew your new year’s resolutions in China

Start your trip in China, where the population will be celebrating the traditional Chinese New Year on February, 16th. However, you’re in luck because the festivities start as early as January 27th. Have a look at www.chinahighlights.com to find out the best places to see during the celebration. Beijing is renowned for its colorful temple fairs, especially at Dongyue Temple, which is the oldest temple fair in town. If you want a modern take on the celebration, head to Hong Kong for the giant fireworks display.

Burst of energy in Vietnam

After days and nights of celebrations in China, you can head to Vietnam for a hiking trip. Why so? Because after spending days in crowded streets in China, you’ll love the peaceful solitude of Sapa, Vietnam’s highest peak. Take the time to relax from in the fresh air. All around you, rice terraces, and above the sky: This unique experience will make you appreciate your own company after the busy days in Beijing.

Recenter yourself in Thailand

Are you getting used to your own company? Great. It’s time to reconnect with your inner self and discover peace within. After all, you can’t always fly to Sapa for a little bit of me time. Why not pursue your trip in Thailand, especially at this yoga retreat www.tantrayogathailand.com where you can take a pass for a week to soothe your inner energy. You’ll even find a helpful tantra program in February for couples, to rediscover the sacred within your relationship. Traveling on your own? Join a workshop to discover this new philosophy at your pace.

And finish in colors in Bangladesh

Finally, don’t leave Asia without checking on the Spring festival, Basanta Utsav, where Nature shows its beauty with an array of bright and bold flowers. In Bangladesh, the celebrations were started by the students of the University of Cultural Society in Dhaka. Since then, the country celebrates in style and with traditional clothes and music the return of spring. If there’s one festival that can fill you with joy and excitement, it’s the performance thrown by Dhaka’s students year after year and their desire to mix colors, poems and songs during this magical day.

Asia is where you finally hear your inner voice. See how 2 Months In Asia For A New You is possible. #VisitAsia #TraveltoAsia #BucketListTravel Click To Tweet

A radical change of perspective, that’s what you can experience during a trip in Asia. But if you can combine popular festival and mindful activities, you’re more likely to tap into unknown areas of your personality. Asia is where you can finally hear your inner voice.  

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